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I Don’t Understand..What are the Different Types of Races in Thoroughbred Horse Racing!?
July 8, 2015

I Don’t Understand..Why are There So Many Different Types of Races in Thoroughbred Horse Racing!?

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Seriously, How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Racehorse?
July 2, 2015

This blog will tell you exactly how much it costs to buy a racehorse.

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Seriously. How Much does it Cost to Own a Racehorse?
June 23, 2015

Seriously. How much does it cost to own a racehorse?

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What is the Condition Book in Thoroughbred Horse Racing?
June 19, 2015

Have you ever wondered how to read a thoroughbred racing condition book?

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Top Seven Complaints People Make After Investing in Horse Racing Partnerships
June 17, 2015

These are the top seven complaints from investors after investing in horse racing partnerships.

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How do Thoroughbred Partnerships Pick a Jockey for Their Racehorses?
June 9, 2015

How do Thoroughbred Partnerships pick a Jockey for their Racehorses?

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Is Investing in a Thoroughbred Racehorse a Tax Write-Off?
May 26, 2015

Owning a racehorse can be the most exciting investment you will ever make. But, it is first and foremost an investment.

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How Do I Buy the Best Horse at a Racehorse Auction?
May 21, 2015

Tom McCrocklin’s Tips for Finding the Right Horse at a Racehorse Auction

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Are Horse Trainers Entitled to a Bonus When You Sell a Thoroughbred?
May 12, 2015

Most people don’t know, but horse trainers expect a 5% “bonus” when an owner sells a thoroughbred racehorse for a profit.

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Should You Buy a Race Horse on Your Own or in a Racing Syndicate?
May 6, 2015

Like any investment, there are pros and cons to investing by yourself or with others and thoroughbred horse racing is no different.

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Top Five Mistakes Horse Owners Make in Thoroughbred Racing
May 1, 2015

Top Five Mistakes Horse Owners Make in Thoroughbred Racing

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The Truth about Markups in Horse Racing Partnerships
April 22, 2015

Nobody likes “markups”… especially in the world of thoroughbred partnerships

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