What does it mean to Own a Racehorse?



Raw unadulterated emotion.

I often think about the feeling I get when I watch one of our horses race. It’s so over-the-top emotional, such an adrenaline rush, an almost out of body experience. Seriously, nobody wants to stand near next to me anymore when one of our horses runs for fear of being attacked by my rolled up program.

I’ve even coined the phrase, “the post race sweats”. The post race sweats occur for up to 30 minutes AFTER the race is already over! There is really nothing like it… but it reminds me of the feeling all of us had after our first kiss. Nervous. Excited. Really nervous. Really excited. It’s the same feeling that those of you who are parents get when we watch our kids play sports or perform in a play. There is a sense of anxiety, a feeling of helplessness, and an otherworldly feeling of pride. This is racehorse ownership.

Ownership is everything. Whether it’s a piece of land, a house, a stock, a car or anything for that matter… it’s yours and you own it. When you own a racehorse, that ownership is a little bit different. It’s part family member, part pet, part investment, and part athlete. You can’t take your family to the track on a beautiful morning at Santa Anita and pet your Apple stock or feed your Real Estate investment some carrots. Rarely, if ever, do you scream at the very top of your lungs while rooting for your dog to perform a new trick.

Whether on your own or investing in horse racing partnerships, owning a racehorse is a roller coaster ride. The highs will be the absolute highest of the highs and the lows will be lower than low. In the horse racing business, you will learn to treasure those moments of success as they are few and far between. However, the journey to get to those highs is so very worthwhile.

Thoroughbreds are not born knowing what a saddle is, let alone a jockey, let alone a starting gate. It’s a process. A journey. We, as horse owners, watch as a young equine athlete grows and matures, becomes aware of its surroundings, discovers its talent and begins to thrive on competition.

I’ve often made the comparison that owning race horses is like owning your own sports franchise. As the owner of a race horse, you get to be Mark Cuban in this instance. Your trainer, whether you use Mike Puype, Phil D’Amato, or Barry Abrams act as the coach. Your horses are the ball players.

Hopefully, you will be able to find that special player. The Michael Jordan of the bunch. When you do, cherish that moment. Enjoy every single second of it. Own it. Be that proud parent and enjoy the emotional roller coaster.

However sweaty you might be.

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