Ten Thoroughbred Horse Racing Questions Worth Exploring in 2015


With American Pharoah racing to the first Triple Crown since 1978, this is an opportunistic time to market the greatest sport in the world. As many of you know, thoroughbred horse racing today finds itself showing its age more than it probably wants to. Issues continue to hamper the sports ability to find a new generation of fans. With the right direction, I’m positive the sport will continue to thrive. Here are my top 10 questions I’d like to see answered in 2015. Please let us know your thoughts here or on our facebook page.

1. If every NBA/NHL game is also televised, how do those sports find a way to attract people into their stadiums night after night?

2. If there are not any one furlong races, why are the fastest horses in breeze shows still sales toppers for horse owners?

3. If MLB can move from two playoff teams to ten – why can’t horse racing shift its Triple Crown races without “damaging history”?

4. If slots are the savior of the thoroughbred horse racing industry, why aren’t tracks that were the first to adopt them thriving?

5. Why does water polo broadcast in high definition, yet thoroughbred horse racing still isn’t?

6. If the NFL believes three hours is the maximum a game should be…why does thoroughbred horse racing insist a normal race card at Santa Anita be five hours?

7. If race day medications are not detrimental to thoroughbred horse racing why are horses racing less often?

8. Why hasn’t the horse racing industry adopted the successful formula used to make the World Series of Poker so popular and grow interest in handicapping contests?

9. Why do race tracks make deals with ADW companies then complain when horseplayers bet off-track?

10.  If over 50% of all horses in California are owned by horse racing partnerships (like Little Red Feather Racing) or thoroughbred partnerships, why hasn’t the sport adopted more programs to raise awareness of this growth area of the industry?